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Train Your Kids For Life
27 Apr 2015

Monday Mindset 009 - Train Your Kids For Life

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Monday Mindset 009 - Train Your Kids For Life

Alright, as Sheepdogs we all know how important it is to pass our knowledge down for future generations...

We tend to be really good with the physical stuff, like shooting, hunting and sports. But when it comes to mental training, there are somethings to look out for if we want our children to grow up not just physically strong, but mentally.

Watch the video and see if you agree with me.

ABOUT EJ OWENS EJ Owens proudly served his country for 14 years in the U.S. Army and Army National Guard, as an enlisted combat medic (91W) and a commissioned officer [Infantry – 11A]. EJ is a U.S. Army Hand-to-Hand Combatives Instructor, a Close Quarters Battle Instructor, and was selected for Executive Protection duties for various government officials during war time.
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