AR-15 Video Series

The AR-15 is the modern cry of American liberty and 2nd Amendment freedom. With eight separate modules, I’ll walk you through purchase, assembly, maintenance, shooting, clearing malfunctions and safety. If the longing of your heart has been to join the AR-15 community, you’ll be ready for action course’s end.

AK-47 Video Series

On every continent and in every clime and place you will find the AK-47 ready for action. Learn the history, separate fact from fiction, and most importantly know how to deploy this rifle with confidence, competence, and deadly accuracy.

Bolt Action Rifles Video Series

Understanding proper ballistics is indeed a science, but deploying a Bolt Action Rifle with excellence is an art. For generations these rifles have been passed down from father to son and here you will learn how to properly maintain and deploy the weapon which could become your own family legacy.

Rifle Red Dots Video Series

Red Dot Optics are a huge investment in your rifle that can increase its effectiveness or make it utterly useless. This course will walk you through the world of Red Dot Optics in just 90 minutes so that you can purchase and operate your optic with unprecedented competence and confidence.